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The Code Enforcement Software for a Safer Community

GovBuilt has everything you need to resolve violations faster—with less work for code enforcement officers, back-office staff, and the public.

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Code Enforcement, Minus the Busywork.

Say goodbye to massive spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes. Our code enforcement software and mobile app allow officers to collaborate with the back-office right from the field. The paperwork handles itself with automated case management workflows!

Software Benefits

Manual Code Enforcement Processes

GovBuilt’s Code Enforcement Solution

With service and support you can count on.

Features & Functionality

Discover the features and benefits that make code enforcement a breeze for you and your community.

Code Enforcement App for Inspectors

Document Violations from the Field

Confirm or deny a violation, take notes, and move it to the next step in the process—right on site.

In-App Photo/Video Capability

Take photos or videos directly from the mobile app to attach to a case.

360 Case Visibility

See the documentation of current and past cases related to a property from the field.

Staff Portal

Task Alerts

Get automatic notifications on your dashboard or through email when you have a new task.


Save time and reduce manual tasks with customized workflows to fit your regulations and processes.

Customized Reports and Views

Use out-of-the-box reports such as locations or violation types, or build your own reports to optimize every step of your code enforcement process.

Centralized Documentation

No more digging through email threads to find documentation about a case. It’s all stored in a central location. Apply commonly used comments with a single click.

Automated Inspection Scheduling

Automatically schedule inspections or re-inspections on a set timeline.

Laserfiche Integration

Automatically create a Laserfiche file for each case and store all relevant documents. Search for case files right from the GovBuilt app.

Public-Facing Features

Online forms

Reduce phone calls to your code enforcement department with an easy online portal for citizens to report concerns. ESRI or ArcGIS integration pinpoints the exact location.

Payment Portal

If fines or fees need to be assessed, businesses or individuals can pay securely online with an integration to your preferred payment processor.

Real-Time Notifications and Tracking

The public can see the status of complaints they filed or that have been filed against them—no need to call your office for updates.

What Our Clients Say...

Questions and Answers

Yes, our code enforcement app allows 360-degree visibility into current and past cases and violations no matter where you are.

Yes! Each municipality’s codes and processes are unique. GovBuilt partners with you to create workflows to meet your exact specifications.

Yes, you can attach any relevant files to a case from the field. You can take pictures and videos without ever leaving the GovBuilt code enforcement app.

Yes, you can use the mobile app to create new code violations or add additional violations to the same case.

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